“The Crave Cast” Shares Information to Live by to be as Healthy as Possible

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that my dear friend Alexandra Jamieson has launched a new podcast on iTunes, “The Crave Cast.” It is broadcast twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, and is already #1 iTunes Podcast, climbed to #2 in all Health shows, and hit #1 as the top Alternative Health podcast. It can heard here: http://bit.ly/cravecast.


In case you don’t know Alexandra, I’d like to introduce you to this fabulous, talented person. She is a functional health coach, author, “cravings whisperer,” chef, and the co-creator of the hit documentary movie “Super Size Me.” We are also honored that she is one of our talented Natural Healing, Natural Wellness columnists.

 alex photo blog 2

In the coming weeks Alexandra will be sharing insights into what people crave and desire, why they do, and how they can achieve the well-being and happiness they want. Her Crave Cast provides valuable inspiration and information to get—and maintain—the healthy body, energy, and life we all want and deserve. Topricin is proud to sponsor her new initiative, and I am delighted to announce that I will be a guest on her show in the weeks ahead.


I am sure you’ll appreciate having the opportunity to tune into real talk about cravings, desires, and a 360 perspective on health that’s not just about calories and losing 10 pounds of belly fat…A show that is dedicated to helping you find what you really crave in life, what your cravings mean, and a non-judgmental place to discover, declare, and DO your desires. Alexandra knows these steps are the foundation for helping you love your body, love your life, and feel as good as you want while pursuing your big life desires. No wonder The Cravings Cast instantly soared to popularity!


Alexandra wants to know what you think, and so she has also invited you to write to her on Twitter or Facebook with your questions and show topics ideas.


I am very excited to share Alexandra’s wonderful new program with you—it’s free, has zero calories, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your life!



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