From New York City To Haiti: Topricin Joins Teri Hatcher on her Run for Charity

Teri Hatcher, known and beloved for her landmark work on “Desperate Housewives” and “Lois and Clark,” is showing her  dedication to helping people and her passion for good health at this year’s TCS New York City Marathon, running November 2  in support of Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization. 

And Teri sought out Topricin for support – acknowledging Topricin as her go-to cream for pain relief and injury prevention prior-to, during, and after the race.

Tells Teri: Thanks Topricin for helping my feet and J/P Haitian Relief cross the finish line!  

Teri not only loves Topricin for herself, calling it, “a major league remedy for someone running a marathon,” but is also graciously sharing it with her team that includes a number of Haitian runners – all running together to raise money for Haitian relief.

The four major benefits of Topricin for Marathon participants and all-round Athletes and Active People:

  • Harder and more productive workouts
  • Injury prevention and immediate injury and trauma relief on race day
  • Faster recovery after and between events
  • Foot and ankle relief for race volunteers, vendors, and spectators standing all day in support

Teri’s goal is to help raise $100,000 in charitable contributions.  Please help Teri and Topricin reach that goal.  Every step counts by donating to:


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