Word on the Street…Topricin User Danny Ramirez Stoked Over Topricin.

Topricin User Danny Ramirez – Skateboarder, Filmmaker, and Founder of Estilo Skateboards – is absolutely Stoked over Topricin!

An up-and-coming trailblazer in Street Skateboarding, Ramirez is the force behind Estilo Skateboards– a leading brand craved by boarders nationwide.

Danny: Starting my own brand that expresses my ideas and views was just something that happened naturally. At age 29, I had yet to find a skateboard that I vibed with…so I decided to design my own!

Ramirez has been skating every day since age 9, “80% of my thoughts throughout the day are about skateboarding and my brand. Skateboarding is my life, obsession, love, addiction…… and,” says Danny, “so is Topricin.”

Why is Ramirez insane over Topricin?  “When I’m sore after practicing my grinds and carves and my knees are swollen, I rub Topricin all over and then I’m good to go! It’s nice to have something to ease the pain. I’m always getting hurt but I don’t know how to slow down.”

Skate-Specific, Topricin is ideal for:
-Impact or trauma injury to muscles, nerves, & joints
-Hand, wrist & elbow pain
-Strains, sprains & muscle spasms
-Bruising & contusions

Danny: I’m going to Skate forever, I’m going to use Topricin forever.

Watch Ramirez’ mad skills in this video http://bit.ly/TopSkate and check-out Estilo Skateboards at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/estiloskateboards
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/yanndramirez/videos
Instagram: http://instagram.com/estiloskateboards


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