Could What You are Eating be Causing Your Pain?

Let’s look at how diet or poor diet choices (malnutrition) contribute to your pain. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? How would you like to feel better, have more energy and far less pain in just 30 days? Oh did we mention it is free and there’s nothing to buy?

That’s right. You have the power right now, in your hands, to make this happen. So it’s not a matter of buying some other thing that doesn’t work…Rather, it’s about eliminating something that you are consuming right now that is robing your energy and vitality and is responsible for many common diseases and pain ailments.

So here it is: just eliminate all refined white flour and sugar products and high fructose corn syrup from your diet. This includes all sugary carbonated drinks…Not forever, just try it for 30 Days. When you do this you won’t believe how amazing you will feel.

I am an Italian boy and when I told my relatives that would include no cannolis—OMG!—but they went along and did it and everyone said “I can’t believe how much energy I have, I am more active and have far less pain.”

You won’t like this one either: stop with the artificial sweeteners and diet sodas. Why? First of all they are chemicals that are toxic to the body. They are known to worsen insulin sensitivity, cause weight gain and, just like refined sugar, are said to be fueling the obesity epidemic and malnutrition. These also create an imbalance in the body’s need to stay hydrated (sufficient water reserves for a healthy body).

Did you know that a primary cause of almost every disease state is malnutrition and dehydration? So why is drinking enough water important? The human brain is made up of 95% water, blood is 82% and lungs 90%. Even a drop of 2% in your water levels can start causing problems. As you can see the body cannot work or stay healthy without water. Every cell and organ of the body requires water for all normal, healthy functioning.

So who is going follow the recommended drinking of (8) 8-oz. glasses of water a day? Not many people. And why is that? Is your answer that you don’t like the taste of water? That’s probably because you are used to drinking the sugary stuff that is hurting your health. So here is the challenge: drink a mixture of half water and juice to start. Put this in a container at work so you can see how much you actual drink. Let your body tell you how much to drink–this will still do the trick by keeping you hydrated.

How does a 30 day challenge sound? Go ahead, eliminate refined white flour and sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and hit the water/juice bottle. Come on, you can do it! And you’ll be glad you did!

Check out Lou’s Vlog for more details—we promise it’s all the inspiration you’ll need to start some healthy new habits that will serve you for your lifetime.

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