Topricin Teams Up with Spartan Races to Ease the Pain of Spartan Race Warriors We’ve teamed up, as a proud sponsor, with Spartan Races...helping to ease the pain and speed up recovery of dedicated Spartan Race Warriors Worldwide Recently, Topricin was on-site at The Spartan Race’s Tri-State NJ Super Race event in Vernon, NJ Sept. 5- 7 2014, along with like-spirited organizations including Reebok, Core Power, Air National... Continue Reading →


Could What You are Eating be Causing Your Pain? Let’s look at how diet or poor diet choices (malnutrition) contribute to your pain. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? How would you like to feel better, have more energy and far less pain in just 30 days? Oh did we mention it is free and there’s nothing to buy? That’s right.... Continue Reading →

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