Understanding What Pain is Part I

Did you ever stop to think how smart our body is? Sounds a little weird? Not really–the human body is so smart (built-in intelligence) that it knows exactly what we need to stay healthy better than we do. Especially when it comes to relieving pain.

The truth of the matter is that very few of us understand what pain actually is: a vital signal from the body alerting us that it is trying to fix damaged or inflamed muscles, joint, or nerve cells and needs some help to do that. Pain is the body’s way of saying “help me drain the inflammatory fluids and toxins that are restricting the micro-capillaries (blood supply) so I can restore the oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flow and other natural healing chemistries needed to heal the damage in the cells, and naturally relieve your pain.”

Unfortunately, when pain strikes, the first thing many people do is reach for those pain pills. Whether they are right off the pharmacy shelf, or prescription opioid/narcotics, these chemical-based pills have no healing or curing power and literally shut down the body’s ability to heal. Worse, these chemicals are toxic, and the body is forced to waste the energy it needs to heal the cells causing the problem, and instead uses this vital energy trying to rid itself of the toxins from the pain pills we just put in it. The pain and problem are still there—we just can’t feel it. The toxins however are and proceed to damage every organ in the body.

What’s a body to do? One suggestion: Topricin pain relief and healing cream to the rescue! And why is that? The answer is in how Topricin works! Remember the body needs to drain excess fluids and toxins out of the pain site to restore oxygen-rich blood so it can heal the cells casing the pain. Topricin first works by stimulating the lymphatic system to drain toxins and fluids from the affected area, relaxing the capillaries to get oxygen-rich blood flow into the cells for maximum repair and healing. And voila—the pain starts to go away.

So is this Topricin some sort of miracle? No, it is the body’s ability to heal and relieve pain that is the miracle. And when we give the body what it needs to be the miracle it was intended to be it heals the pain away.

So you see that our body knows exactly what it needs to do in order to heal—sometimes it just needs a little assistance from us to get the job done. In short: healing is the ultimate form of pain relief. Can we get an “AMEN?!?!

Go to Lou’s Vlog to see and hear him share this important information. And be sure to tune in next week for Understanding What Pain is Part II for other ways to help yourself and put pain out of your life.

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