How Opioid Rx Pain Meds are Killing People we Love & What we can do About it

Death by medicine. Yes, that’s right: Death by medicine. It happened to Elvis…Michael Jackson…Heath Ledger…Phillip Seymour Hoffman…and other talented souls who seemed to have everything in the world going for them but who tragically suffered from addiction. And it can happen to you, or to someone you love.

Think about it. Who actually intends to get addicted, let alone die prematurely from drugs? This is your life–not a dress rehearsal…Making a mistake with Rx opioid pain medications can do more then turn your life upside down and inside out as it can cause your premature death.

That’s why Lou is here to help unravel this deadly web of pain killers and addiction help people get back on track, and put their lives back into their own hands. How? Keep tuning in to “Night of the Living Pain!”
Topricin Website:
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