7 Secrets About Pain Management

7 Secrets About Pain Management


Lou Paradise

Everyone knows they don’t like pain, and they certainly don’t like being in pain.

Here are 7 secrets most people don’t know about pain and pain pills:

  • Pain serves an important purpose.  Pain is actually a vital signal from the body alerting us to the fact that there are damaged or inflamed muscles, joint, or nerve cells it wants to fix, and it needs some help to balance its natural healing chemistries to get there. The body wants to maintain healthy cells, so when cells are damaged the pain signal is triggered.
  • In order for healing to begin, the body needs help removing excess fluids and toxins from the affected area, such as joints, nerves and muscles. This takes the pressure off the micro-capillaries so that oxygen-rich blood can then flow to the area, allowing optimum healing to begin, and at the same time natural sensing chemistries shut the pain signal off.
  • Chemical pain pills, such as Tylenol, Motrin, Advil or Aleve (acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen) or topical ointments with menthol, camphor have no ability to promote healing.  Because they work against the body’s natural chemistries, these products actually shut the healing process down. So the problem is still there—you just can’t feel it.
  • OTC and prescription pain killers do more harm than good to vital internal organs and place your health in greater risk of serious health conditions (and the risks grow every time they are taken). Kidney damage and failure, stroke, heart problems, liver failure are life-threatening known side effects.
  • Once these toxic chemicals enter your body it has to spend vital energy trying to get rid of them, which creates a “Catch-22”:  you need more chemical-based pills to get the same relief, which makes your body more toxic while subjecting you to more harmful side effects that ultimately destroy the body’s vital organs.
  • Drugs typically prescribed to treat neuropathy can produce serious side effects that may adversely impact the pain sufferer’s quality of life. Psychological side effects include a worsening of mood, or thoughts/actions of suicide.


  • There is a healthier choice for pain management: Topricin® relieves pain by enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal itself; first stimulating the lymphatic system to drain toxins and fluids from the affected area, returning oxygen- rich blood flow to the cells for maximum repair and healing.

Thankfully, Topricin gives people a viable choice for managing their pain, and it is being recommended by doctors as an alternative to dangerous chemical-based pills.


7 thoughts on “7 Secrets About Pain Management

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  1. will this help burning sensation 3 weeks ago had wrist surgery to remove scar tissue wrapped around arteries and veins from previous severed tendon this is the second repair from original accident that severed the tendon and left numbness in pointer and middle finger 2nd surgery no pain fast healing this one new dr not totally healed yet and my palm and fingers even tho some numbness are on fire dr said may take 3-4 mo to stop is this product helpful to relieve burning im right handed and work and this is drivimg me crazy been using cold compress if this product would relive where do I purchase and est cost thank you so much

    1. Hi Gidget, We wish you well on the road to recovery, if you are located in the USA we can definitely send you a sample to try. Contact us at 800-959-1007 or email us at info@topricin.com, we can help. Thank you!

    2. Hi Gidget, Topricin products would work wonderfully to help with burning/numbing sensations. Also great for pre & post surgery in helping to reduce scar tissue, appearance of scars, and inflammation. Be sure to apply 2-3 x daily to nightly, 3-4 x for severe pain.

  2. What is this stuff?what’s the active ingredient?what makes you think that this is a pain reliever??to me it’s just sticky lotion ???please advise

    Kimberley Howard

  3. This is the first time I have seen FIBRO CREAM at a Harmon Store. I couldn’t believe how it worked for nerve pain.
    I get a sensation of bee stings or intense itching in my back. This pain has greatly reduced my quality of life. Doctors have suggesting cement in my disc, which I rejected. I love this product. I hope it keeps working for me.

    1. Yay, Mary!! So thrilled to hear you’re finding Fibro Cream in a store near you. Please do keep us posted on your progress : ) We are running a special campaign for users that want to share their story with the community. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @topricinfibrocream with the hashtag #FibroCreamMyStory, and we’ll share 🙂 TGIF!

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