In my late November Blog I reported on the Thanksgiving “Offlining” Challenge—now here’s another good reminder to just say “NO” to technology, at least every now and then!   

As a Valentine’s Day gift to the public, the folks at Offlining have suggested that people take the opportunity to Pledge to have Device-Free Dates—as many as possible by February 14th–and then why not continue on into the future?   After all, who wants to be interrupted or ignored by texting, tweeting, and cell phones that sing as they ring? 


You don’t have to pledge to just hit the “off” button and enjoy uninterrupted quality time with a loved one.  But if you want to make it official, go to the Offlining website – www.Offlining.com  – where four Valentine’s Day ads/E-cards can also be viewed and  e-mailed to others  to remind them to consider unplugging.   

“We’re pretty sure this is one of the best things you can do for your love life,” says Offlining co-founder, Mark DiMassimo.  His partner in this national ‘lifestyle intervention’ campaign, Eric Yaverbaum, adds, “We’re determined to promote Valentine’s Day as a day to abstain from technology!”

Since its Father’s Day 2010 website and campaign launch, hundreds of thousands of people have shown their support for Offlining:  Over 250,000 Offlining E-cards  have been sent (at no charge) from the website, encouraging family members, friends and colleagues to spend more quality time (including holidays!) with those who matter most.  In addition, well over 11,000 have taken the Offlining pledge to occasionally resist the lure of technology.

So, wishing you and yours a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and Happy Offlining Ever After!




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