Greetings to all,

Everyone in the NE keeps talking about the weather this winter!  For once we were spared–last storm we got a little powder sugar dusting, while New York City less than 100 miles south got buried under 18″.  Hope Mother Nature takes a break soon!

Did you know that our Lou Paradise is a sought-after radio talk show guest?  In fact, he has produced and hosted two of his own programs:   “The No Pain Zone”and “Solutions For Life” which are popular call-in talk radio programs that have been broadcast from Boston to Seattle, and from New Jersey to Miami.

Lou was just on The Woodstock Roundtable, hosted by Doug Grunther, which is the region’s top talk show that’s also broadcast on the web.  (Yes, that’s nearby Woodstock, NY–a legendary town that embraces ideas and thoughtful discourse.) 

Woodstock RoundTable host Doug Grunther asks Lou a thought-provoking question.



A frequent guest on Doug's show, Lou shares a laugh with listeners.

In the coming months, Lou will be featured on a number of across the country, over the airwaves, and on the internet, including:  Stay Healthy radio with Jeffrey Burke on March 18th at 8am PST;  Vim and Vigor in Hawaii on Feb. 2nd at 10am Hawaii time; Voice America–the largest producer of internet talk radio with host Dr. Pat on Feb. 3rd at 8am PST; The Power Hour with Joyce Riley on Feb. 7th, via satellite from their studio in Missouri,which you can listen to live over the internet; The Dr. Pat Show on February 22nd at 11am PST; and  Healthy Habit/Healthy House in Phoenix on March 24th MST. 

I hope you can tune in and catch Lou’s lively conversations with hosts and callers! 

Wishing you a great weekend,



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