Natural Healing, Natural Wellness for Winter

Greetings to all!

Here in New York‘s Hudson Valley we’ve had non-stop snow, with relentless winds, and earlier in the week it was reported that our temperatures were LOWER than Anchorage, Alaska!  I’d bring on the dogsled, but I’m afraid my little Maltese Charlie just can’t compete with those Huskies!      But in any event, I hope you’ve been enjoying the season and making the most of it.

Speaking of making the most of winter, I’m delighted to announce that the latest issue of Natural Healing, Natural Wellness is now hot off  the press–or rather hot online!  You can view it, and even print it out if you prefer to read it on paper, by visiting  our homepage and clicking on the masthead icon.  You’ll see that it features some important information, interesting stories, and great photos. 

Lou’s article on “Rethinking the Drug Paradigm” is a must read, and will enlighten you about the body’s amazing healing process while informing you why over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can be hazardous to your health.  It’s very powerful reading. 

It is with great pleasure that I share our exclusive interview with beloved, world-renowned author and illustrator Tomie dePaola.   I know you’ll be enchanted and delighted by him–thank you, Tomie!!!  We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and allowing us to reprint some of your illustrations and  photo.

Our winter issue also features guest columnist Dr. Marie Miczak, who writes about helping to prevent your child (and you) from coming down with a cold this season.   You’ll also learn about the hidden dangers of laxatives from author, chef, and certificied health and nutritonal counselorAlexandra Jamieson, how to make your living space healthier with aromatherpist and massage therapist Joan Apter, and a formula for making a natural light and lemony dusting cloth from green living expert and author Annie B. Bond. 

Radio talk-show host and certified dream certified dream work facilitator Doug Grunther discusses imagery and group dream analysis; authors and stress management experts Nancy Butler-Ross and Michael Suib, give simple instructions for a 60-second relaxation break; former professional body builder, fitness expert, and massage therapist Laurie Towers offers advice on avoiding weight gain and losing post-holiday pounds; and Roufia Payman, nutritionist at Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, NY, offers eating tips for a healthier new year as well as another one of her popular recipes.  And as an added treat, DailyOm   helps us look for the miracles in every day—a good way to start off 2011 and make it a joyful year!

There’s also news, tips, and a very special photo from Topricin fan Natala Goodman, who won’t leave home without Topricin and even traveled to the high peaks of the Himalayas with it!  (Oh and you’ll also see a photo of new friend, musician and former Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks, who met us at the American Music Awards gifting suite! )  

In closing, I’d like to express gratitude to our wonderful columnists and contributors..and also to you, members of our extended and growing “Topricin family.”

Stay safe, and warm, and well….



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