Greetings to all,

And  Happy New Year!  2010 certainly had it’s ups and downs around the world, that’s for sure.    As we reflect upon the highlights of the past year, and look ahead to 2011, everyone here at Topical BioMedics wishes you a happy, healthy, and joyful New Year that brings you fulfillment, contentment, and vibrant pleasure in all life has to offer.

We found an organization in Sacramento, California, that is kicking off 2011 in a wonderfully fun and healthy way.    The California Wellness Task Force and hundreds of area residents between the ages of 5 to 105 are participating in the 2nd Annual “My First 5K” on Sunday, January 2nd.   

According to CA Task Force Executive Director Leah Cox, “It’s great for kids, parents, groups, and individuals in the commumity to come together, enjoy an outing, and toast to their good health as they write down personal health resolutions for the New Year.”   What a wholesome and inspiring initiative!

We were so impressed that we decided to sponsor the event, and I am jazzed that we’re hosting  “The Tumble Bus,” which is a mobile tumbling party playground.  “My First 5K” also features music, refreshments, and awards, and has attracted other national sponsors, including Blue Diamond Almonds, Adidas, Nordic Naturals, and Cliff Bar & Company, as well as a host of regional businesses and services.  

Since I’m in New Yorks’ Hudson Valley, I can’t be there…But I will be toasting them and wishing them well!

Here’s to all of YOU, too!




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