Are you making your list, and checking it twice?  Need a bit of help?  I can’t think of anyone better to turn to than my good friend Alexandra Jamieson—author, chef, and certified health and nutritional counselor.  Her Healthy Holiday Gift Guide & Natural Living Catalogue is the perfect resource for finding wonderful and unique ideas that will put happy AND healthy into your holiday gift giving.  And—as a special bonus—her guide includes special discounts, so you can save a few dollars while buying gifts of quality, value, and worth.  Alexandra explains, “I wanted to create this guide because I love sharing things that I know might help someone feel better or satisfy their craving to try something new and different.  Everything in the collection also has to offer long-lasting benefits for your loved ones—or yourself!”    

Alexandra’s online catalogue features nearly 20 different products and resources that she considers to be the best in their category.  And I’m delighted to say that Topricin has been spotlighted as “Best Natural Product for Pain.” 

 The Healthy Holiday Gift Guide & Natural Living Catalogue has something for everyone, from little ones to seniors, and from sports enthusiasts and foodies to parents and kids.  Check it out at www.nutritionforempoweredwomen.com.  While you’re on Alexandra’s website, you can also sign up to receive her free weekly email newsletter, with valuable quick tips, no-brainer recipes, free product give-aways, contests, and more.

I’d like to add another idea for the perfect gift for the vegan or the healthy eater/veggie lover in your life:  Alexandra’s newest book, Vegan Cooking for Dummies.  It’s just been released, and is available in book stores and online now. Congratulations, Alexandra!


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