Does Johnson & Johnson just not care Anymore…Or did trust and respect ever matter to them at all are the precise questions.

Does Johnson & Johnson just not care Anymore…Or did trust and respect ever matter to them at all are the precise questions.

Good Afternoon Dear Friends,

There was a time when this 125-year-old company had a sterling reputation…But I think J&J is starting to show its age.
It seems J&J is now saying to all of us “Why should we care?” in actions and deeds. This is most certainly not the wisdom and maturity we expect from a company with so much experience in the marketplace. Instead, the products they are producing are reflecting their thinking—or rather lack thereof—and exhibits the out-of-touch world view so woefully typical in many large and dare I say bloated corporations. You know: the companies who say: “Why should we care about the safety and health of the trusting and loyal men and women who for decades bought our products for themselves, their families, and their children, and who made us the financial success we are today?” This is an absolutely shameful, arrogant mindset.
It can’t be just me feeling incensed about the massive number recalls of the most popular brands of oral pain relievers in the country–including products made for children and infants such as Children’s Tylenol® and Children’s Motrin®. These recalls were enacted not just for simple typographical errors on boxes but for callously irresponsible behavior that allowed for a primary factory here in the USA to produce millions upon millions of containers of oral pain medications with raw materials contaminated with bacteria, as well as metal filings. And not just once, but numerous occasions over the last three years. Is this not truly sick and heinous?
The contamination wasn’t just in adult versions of J&J products, which would be bad enough. It was also in children’s and infants’ pain relief products. The FDA cited J&J for having incorrect and higher doses of the dangerous active ingredients acetaminophen and Ibuprofen in Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin. Acetaminophen (a main contributor to liver failure) and Ibuprofen (a main contributor of kidney damage/failure which can increase your risk of life-threatening heart or circulation problems–including heart attack or stroke—with the risk increasing the longer you use ibuprofen). This malevolently insane and/or irresponsible behavior of a major American corporation is unthinkable, unconscionable, and blatantly in-your-face/behind-your- back inexcusable. It indicates how completely out of control things have gotten.
Which leads us to other big questions. How can we explain the next “new” and innovative product from J&J, Precise® pain relieving cream? What we can REALLY say is that J&J is precisely bringing to market totally outdated products, dressed up in the same old menthol and the same old methyl salicylate, and trying to pawn them off as something “new.” This just proves yet again how little they care about the person suffering with pain…and worse. Look at the link from The Journal of Emergency Medicine discussing the danger and fatalities to toddlers from Methyl Salicylate (wintergreen):

WHOA—OOPS! Don’t tell me—there are even MORE recalls? J&J Failed Hip Implants? What’s next??
Johnson & Johnson Recalls 93,000 Hip Replacement Systems:
J&J recalls 100K Acuvue contact lenses:

Has J&J lost its innovation ability? Does the corporate entity simply no longer know how? Or has the leadership lost their morals and scruples? Perhaps the arrogance of the typical big company set in (“those fools will buy our stuff anyway”) or did they ever really care?

All this begs the question “How can any of us continue to use oral pain relief products that contain chemicals we know are damaging to vital essentials organs (liver, kidneys, the heart and digestive system) and most especially those made by J&J–a company that recklessly manufacturers and distributes products that are contaminated, with far more actives than posted on the label, thus dramatically increasing the risk to life and limb, especially for children and our elders…Are you kidding me???
So if it’s true that these products even when made at the highest quality are dangerous and can cause death in or a lifetime of further misery for adults, then why would we ever give these harsh chemicals contaminated products to our children. We know J&J doesn’t care. How about YOU?



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