LOU’S BLOG 7/30/2010 Back in the Hudson Valley

Back to headquarters in New York’s Hudson Valley, much activity, bustling, and buzzing here in beautiful Rhinebeck with Chelsea Clinton’s weekend nuptial festivities at hand…

But on to more vital news.

The safety of OTC oral pain medications continues to be under serious scrutiny as yet another wave of massive Tylenol recalls hit the news earlier this month. Even before the recalls, danger lurked in these medications in the form of life-threatening side effects. The phenomenon of Americans overusing OTC drugs is being brought to the forefront. Given the health hazards, this should not only be addressed but—more importantly—the use of the medications themselves seriously questioned.

It is slowly dawning on the American public that brand-name, nationally-advertised pain medications are not necessarily safe—finally. The mind-boggling, inexcusable number of recalls of adult as well as pediatric oral medications manufactured by Johnson and Johnson continues to climb to alarming heights while consumers grow increasingly concerned for their health and the health of their loved ones.

The reasons for recalls range from foreign matter, bacteria, and otherwise tainted products to mislabeled dosages and filthy manufacturing conditions. These risky factors are added to the dangerous side effects of the active ingredients themselves. It’s time for everyone in the U.S. to just say NO to OTC oral meds—and for parents to stop feeding them to their children! What—exactly–are the side effects of Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, and other drugs that we should be aware of? Why do people continue to use these products, which have proven to be unsafe and now are under investigation for contamination, unhealthy manufacturing conditions, improper labeling, and other hazards? How can people “retrain” themselves from their mindless reliance on OTC oral pain medications? AND how does Topricin and Topricin Junior work to provide effective, safe, healing pain relief—offering peace of mind for young and old alike. These and other vital issues will be discussed in future posts. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions.



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