California Greetings

Greetings to all,

I am now in sunny California, and life’s great working here with our dynamic West Coast team.

I’m pleased to announce that as promised our summer issue of Natural Healing, Natural Wellness is now available and ready for you to download and enjoy. Within the information-packed pages you’ll discover how you can use essential oils to combat super flus; create cleansing dandelion tonics; cook up a healthier barbeque (with recipes!); “make friends” with whole grains, take a 60-second, stress-relieving “breather;” learn more about the meaning of your dreams; and get psyched to invest in your “Physical 401k.” There’s also “Healing Circle” stories and a “Healing Innovations” tip, as well as photos of some celebrity Topricin fans. And I do hope you will read and pass on to others in your life the article I wrote “Fibromyalgia: Insights on Coping with this Complex Condition” as I want to help everyone who is suffering with this debilitating syndrome find comfort, relief, and hope.

To access, visit, and scroll down the legend on the left-hand side, and click on the “mini-masthead” image. I welcome your feedback, as well as your suggestions for future topics we can cover in Natural Healing, Natural Wellness.

Until later, please take care and enjoy the best this magnificent season has to offer!



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