On the Road

Good evening it is Tuesday 6-22-10 at 6:41PM. I am in Philadelphia.

One of the most interesting aspects of our business is our work in physical medicine and rehabilitation where Topricin products are known for rapid recovery and immediate pain relief for moderate to severe trauma injuries of the nerves, muscles and joints. Our pain relief and healing technology is considered the gold standard in treating and preventing certain injuries.
This week I am at the Philadelphia Convention Center, with Steve Duricko, Vice President of Topical BioMedics, where we are exhibiting our products at the annual NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) clinical symposium. All of the significant certified trainers for university and secondary schools in the US attend this event.

In our booth #745 we will be with our dear friend and major supporter of Topricin, Al Shuford, former Athletic Trainer for the Carolina Panthers , Nascar , Chip Ganassi Racing , where Al was said to be a lifesaver by team co-owner Felix Sabates in his superb handling of injured drivers such as Tony Stewart, Sterling Marlin and other top Nascar, Nextel racecar drivers at Joe Gibbs Racing like Bobby Labonte.

Yesterday, when I checked into the hotel, sitting in the lobby was none other than legendary heavyweight boxing champ “Smokin’” Joe Frazier. I am a boxing fan and was very excited to have the opportunity to meet him personally and shake his hand. I also was pleased to be able to give him some of our Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream as I am sure he has some aches and pains!

More to follow,




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