Lou Paradise, president and chief of research of Topical BioMedics, Inc., is a highly motivated and experienced natural medicines developer. He brings an extensive background that includes 25 years in physiology and in-depth knowledge in the use of natural medicines to help those suffering with painful ailments. Today, everyone would like a safer, more effective means of treating pain—without harmful side effects. Lou knows this is possible because he himself discovered how…And now shares it with others through his natural, FDA-regulated pain relief and healing cream formulas: Topricin®, Topricin® Foot Therapy Cream, and Topricin® Junior for children.

For those of you currently in pain, Lou knows exactly how you feel. He suffered from a severe case of bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) from injuries sustained as Marine Corps helicopter combat crew chief. The excruciating condition was the result of the extraordinary physical demands of conducting hundreds of combat and humanitarian rescue missions in the republic of Vietnam.
Lou’s experience with natural medicines was put to the test when he developed CTS. The pain in both hands was so intense he was unable to even sleep at night. Putting his knowledge into practice, Lou developed Topricin’s homeopathic biomedicine formulation to alleviate his own pain.
Lou created this blog as an education tool to offer readers a wealth of information designed to enhance their well being. In the days ahead he’ll be addressing a wide range of painful ailments and provide invaluable insights and innovative tips. He’ll also engage in social commentary regarding the side effects of OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals with information/solutions based on his many years of experience in product development and educating doctors and their patients.

Lou invites you to ask questions or make comments and to engage in dialog while learning what hundreds of thousands of former pain sufferers have discovered about living a pain-free life using Topricin, and other natural therapies to treat musculoskeletal pain, sports and ergonomics-related injuries. From his own victory over CTS, and dedication to helping others do the same for their own painful ailments, he is well aware of the “crying need” for natural, safer, more effective medicine options.
Since Lou founded Topical BioMedics, people like you have discovered:

o You don’t have to live in pain

o You don’t have to suffer the side effects of oral pain medications

o You don’t have to risk the hazards of using hot, greasy, smelly analgesics

o You can live a more pain free life—one that restores hope, vitality, and an improved quality of life

Lou believes everyone was born to live a vibrant, joyous life of endless discovery and celebration, and not be a prisoner of pain. He says, “Topricin made it possible for me to be pain free, symptom free, and medication free, and enjoy a complete restoration of full function, mobility and range of motion. It changed my life forever, and I am so humbled to be able to share my healing technology, which has so positively impacted the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of people. I am so gratified by the testimonials I hear on a daily basis about how Topricin has enabled young and old to enjoy the activities they love that they once thought were lost.”


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  1. Mr. Paradise: I’ve just started using Topical; I’ve tried many other products which did not work. I multi-issues and I am amazed how much Topical has helped me. Most importantly, I’ve spoken to my dog’s (Greta & Douglas, 16 & 17 with Arthritis) Vet and asked if it was okay to use on them and he replied yes. Topical has helped my dogs tremendously! With the combo of injections for Arthritis and Topical they are doing amazingly well! Greta is a Pit Bull and Douglas is a110 pound Shepherd with very long legs. I emailed a rep of yours and said you really need to push this product for dogs – advertise it for dogs as well. I’m 100% positive that your sales volume will increase tremendously. Many people, like myself, will spend thousands upon thousands for their fur-kids. I’m going to speak to my Vet and tell him that his business needs to buy your product! I’d love to send a picture of Greta and Douglas but system won’t allow me to. I’m hoping you’ll at least think about this for so many dogs would suffer a lot less than they need to.

    1. So unbelievably happy to hear this, and thank you so much for reaching out to us Kathryn!! It’s amazing how much Topricin has helped with animals. We are aiming to produce a product down the road specifically for animals, so stay tuned. If you’d like to send any pictures to us directly, email me eparadise@topicalbiomedics.com. You can also follow us on Facebook too. Happy Holidays!!!!

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