What is Topricin?

Topricin has a 20 year reputation of providing cellular pain relief and robust health & healing benefits through its proprietary, topically-delivered combination of natural biomedicines. As a breakthrough non-analgesic pain relief and healing technology, Topricin relieves pain on a cellular level, addressing the cause of pain. Benefits of Topricin pain relief and healing cream products: will reduce or eliminate the need and dependency for all classes of chemical-based oral pain pills, including Rx opioids; show a measurable reduction in the time of recovery of trauma injury and post-surgical trauma; reduce pain and suffering and improve outcomes for millions of people suffering chronic and acute pain as the formulas support a robust and healthier active lifestyle. All Topricin products are paraben free, contain no menthol or capsaicin, and are odorless, non-irritating and moisturizing.



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  1. Thanks a million! This cream has really helped pain in my wrist and other spots that pinch and kink at times! Just happened to see article in Woman’s Day Mag.! Keep up the great products and work! Music’s

  2. I just found out about your product after reading an article about poison ivy. I went to your site to read more about the product but couldn’t tell if it is safe to have around pets.

    1. Topricin products are safe and effective for children and pets, as well as adults. There are no chemicals or harmful ingredients in any Topricin product. We have Veterinarians and Horse Trainers that have been using Topricin on animals for many years.

      1. Hi Pamela, Thank you for your question, and please be assured that Topricin will not harm your dog if he ingests it. All of the biomedicines in Topricin can also be taken internally, and the base is safe and natural. All Topricin products are safe and effective for children and pets as well as adults, and there are many veterinarians who use and recommend Topricin in their practice.

  3. My dog has osteosarcoma and is licking it off of me right now like crazy, I say it’s better than giving her chemo and radiation…she has already outlived her life expectancy by 3 months with all natural treatments.

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