Back at the office

Good Afternoon Back at our Home Offices Today Wednesday June 30-10 As an update from last week’s blog, I’ve just returned from the NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) national event at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Steve and I were delighted to see many of our dear friends among this dedicated group of healthcare professionals, as... Continue Reading →


On the Road

Good evening it is Tuesday 6-22-10 at 6:41PM. I am in Philadelphia. One of the most interesting aspects of our business is our work in physical medicine and rehabilitation where Topricin products are known for rapid recovery and immediate pain relief for moderate to severe trauma injuries of the nerves, muscles and joints. Our pain... Continue Reading →


Lou Paradise, president and chief of research of Topical BioMedics, Inc., is a highly motivated and experienced natural medicines developer. He brings an extensive background that includes 25 years in physiology and in-depth knowledge in the use of natural medicines to help those suffering with painful ailments. Today, everyone would like a safer, more effective... Continue Reading →

What is Topricin?

Topricin has a 20 year reputation of providing cellular pain relief and robust health & healing benefits through its proprietary, topically-delivered combination of natural biomedicines. As a breakthrough non-analgesic pain relief and healing technology, Topricin relieves pain on a cellular level, addressing the cause of pain. Benefits of Topricin pain relief and healing cream products:... Continue Reading →

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